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I'll have carbs with a side of carbs, Thank You

>> June 13, 2010

So the little turd, I mean my brother was in town again this weekend…and J and I decided to show him what all is good in the world and escort said sibling to one of our favorite nearby pizza joints. I say “favorite” as if we’ve been there a time or two…well the fact is: we’ve been there, but only once. My rationale was “Hey, I liked it the first time…I’ll prolly like it again”.

And the truth is…I did. And so did my brother. Oh and J too.

We began our long night of bar hopping with a stop off at ye old
Diesel Pizza, after which we strolled around the corner to one of my most favorite spots for dessert (I’ll get to that later).

J and I aren’t huge on kitchen sink pizza’s, I can appreciate a myriad of ingredients…just not all at once please. Thanks.

Shortly after arrival we parked ourselves out front...and swiftly ordered a pitcher. And from this I can tell you many, many good things can come. Blue Moon is really one of the best pizza accompaniments around...seriously, it's almost up there with cheese...and the pepperoni...and the sauce, oh wait.

That's right...grin, baby, grin.

As such, I did what any good, pizza loving, Blue Moon drinking, patio sitting girl would do. I went and ordered this

Yes…that’ll be two pieces please. That’s actually J’s plate, if you didn’t already know. He has a phobia about not having two pieces at a time. Seriously, it’s a long story and it goes along with growing up in a household of four boys…mind you, four very hungry boys. At any rate, in his book you must take two pieces at once, no more and no less.

So there you have it…that ladies and gentlemen is pepperoni and feta, it cain’t git no betta! (please excuse me, the Georgia in me does come out from time to time)

Yes, that’s him…with his amazingly terrible pizza folding skillz. He wouldn’t last two minutes in New York, or Jersey for that matter…and let’s not even talk about Connect-i-cut. And for those of you who are interested…that’s how I learned to spell CT: “connect” ”i” ”cut”.

When all was said and done, and eaten, and drunk (is it drunk or drank? ugh) it was time to head home. I know I mentioned our wild night out with partying, and dancing galore but those were no more than delusions of grandeur…I tend to do that from time to time. So after this:

I stood up and declared: “Pahhh-ty’s Oh-vah” and off we went into the wild blue yonder. And slept with visions of pizza and beer fairies dancing in our heads. For those of you that don’t know, we have many-a-blue yonder out here in Marietta…many.

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